About Girls Rock Metal Detecting

Girls Rock Metal Detecting was born out of a single YouTube video after Siren Kimmie, the HDIC (Head Darling In Charge) of Girls Rock Metal Detecting was asked to "take over" Thrills in the Dig's YouTube channel for one day. The response was overwhelming. It was at that moment Siren Kimmie decided to start a channel of her own, not only as an means of documenting her finds, but as an outlet for her creative side, and to celebrate the ladies of metal detecting.

GRMD History

July 2015 Girls Rock Metal Detecting made it's debut on YouTube, with a Facebook page (Girls Rock Metal Detecting), blog (Girls Rock Metal Detecting The Blog), and website (GirlsRockMetalDetecting.com) soon to follow. Often showcasing lady diggers and their finds, Girls Rock Metal Detecting's aim was to foster a postive spirit and encoruage women (along with their male counterparts) to support one another throughout the community.

The summer of 2019 saw Girls Rock Metal DetectingHeavy Metal Detecting teaming up to integrate the rockinst, relicist, ladies and gents in the world, together in one Facebook community. Not only a place to share finds and experiences but We Rock Metal Detecting serves as a hub for educating all levels of detectorists with a libarary full of useful information which is continually being updated.

About Siren Kimmie

Siren Kimmie, is an IT support technician by day and a hobby metal detectorist in her spare time. The former co-editor of a music magazine and podcast (as Siren Kimmie) she has a long-running love affair with rock music and a deep appreciation for history. In addition to her legal and marketing background, she has a passion for words and an often out of control artistic side. When asked to do a "girls" metal detecting video, she had already been deeply involved in the hobby, was the narrator and producer of YouTube videos, a modreator for various Facebook groups (incluing Official 1800s and Relic Hunters where she is still an admin). She was soon featured in various metal detecting podcasts, became a regualr part of Global Detection Adventures podcast and is a contributing writer for The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine.

A member of the Notka Makro Field Team (Nomads), Siren Kimmie detects primarily with the Anfibio Multi, but can often be seen swinging a Simplex+, and Pulsedive. Digging mostly for Civil War relics, she prefers to hunt for historic and personal items, but has been known to do some coin shooting just to mix things up.

Siren Kimmie's Gear and Tools

Siren Kimmie uses Nokta Makro Metal Detectors exclusively.
Nokta Makro Anfibio Multi primary detector for relic hunting and extreme depth.
Nokta Makro Simplex+ for light weight quick on the go hunts or when navigating tough locations.
Nokta Makro Pulsedive for creek digging (or just pin pointing)
Nokta Pointer primary pin pointer
Pacific Mountain Hiking Boots - lighweight and waterproof!
Samsung Galaxy S10+ cellular telephone for filming most dig footage.
Go Pro Hero for wide angle filming.
VSDC video editing software pro version.
Audacity audio editing software
Adobe Photopshop for image editing