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About Girls Rock Metal Detecting

The Beginning

Girls Rock Metal Detecting was born out of a single YouTube video after Siren Kimmie, the HDIC (Head Darling In Charge) of Girls Rock Metal Detecting was asked to "take over" Thrills in the Dig's YouTube channel for one day. The response was overwhelming. It was at that moment Siren Kimmie realized the absense of a female-forward presence in the metal detecting community. While there were indeed ladies engaging in metal detecting groups, many were "women only," some even run by men. Other metal detecting groups while certainly welcoming to women, were often testosterone-tinged, rife with bikni-clad memes and pin pointer jokes. Thus Siren Kimmie was inspired to create a channel and page to showcase the true face of the female metal detectorist: Ladies from all walks of life who like to dig in the dirt, are smart, tough, funny, and yes even feminine and sexy.

So in July 2015 Girls Rock Metal Detecting made it's debut on YouTube, with a Facebook page, blog, and the website unveiled soon after. All lady diggers were encouraged to participate by providing video clips or pictures of finds and sharing their stories. With a strict "be kind to everyone" policy there was no room for judgement, highschool cliquey behavior, or sexist memes. Instead, the spirit of Girls Rock Metal Detecting is for women (along with our male counterparts) to support one another and encourage each other, not just within Girls Rock Metal Detecting but within the entire detecting community. To foster a sense of support for lady diggers and provide the true essence of women detectorists through our interactions in other groups, channels, podcasts and beyond. In addition, to cultivating an environment where women are able to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a female detectorist, not only out in the field, but also within the confines of social media.

About Siren Kimmie

Siren Kimmie, is an IT support technician by day and a hobby metal detectorist in her spare time. The former co-owner, co-editor and webmistress of "Score! Music Magazine" and co-host of the "Siren Rebellion" podcast (as Siren Kimmie) she has a deep appreciation for history and a long-running love affair with rock music. In addition to her background in law and marketing she has a passion of words and an often out of control artistic side. When she was was asked to do a "girls" metal detecting video, she had already been deeply involved in the hobby of metal detecting, was the narrator and producer for the Thrills in the Dig metal detecting channel on YouTube and an admin for Civil War and Miscellaneous Relic Hunters and Official 1800s and Relic Hunters Facebook groups.

Siren Kimmie detects with a Garrett AT Pro and Propointer AT but does not endorse any detecting equipment or manufacturers. Digging mostly for Civil War relics, she prefers to detect historic and personal items, but has been known to do some coin shooting and beach hunting through North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and beyond.

Why "Girls Rock" Metal Detecting

The name "Girls Rock" was clearly derived by wrapping all of Siren Kimmie's passions into one being: Rock music, metal deteting, history, and celebrating strong, intelligent woman--not to mention the fact, girls really do ROCK metal detecting!

It wasn't until Siren Kimmie was approached to do the "girls metal detecting" video that she recognized her artistic side had been sorely neglected. While there were occasional graphic design projects; for the most part, after the dissolution of the magazine and podcast, she was left with no outlet to foster her intrinsic need to create. She had no idea that video would ignite an out of control fire that drove her headfirst into the production of her own Youtube channel, Facebook Page, re-kindling her blog, creating merchandise and building a website. In a flurry of creativity and passion, Siren Kimmie rediscovered herself and Girls Rock Metal Detecting was the end product--one that continues to grow and evolve.

Girls Rock Metal Detecting is a place to celebrate female detectorists in all their individuality from all walks of life, with their toughness, femininity, and yes even their rocking sexy side. To explore beyond the stereotype of pink camouflage and sparkly digging tools (though some of those items are admittedly pretty cute!). At Girls Rock Metal Detecting we feel that ALL of the ladies of detecting are gorgeous, amazing diggers, with a unique style and wit.

Girls Rock Metal Detecting and Beyond

Siren Kimmie has since been invited as a guest speaker and participates on various groups, channels and podcast radio shows to include Thrills in the Dig, Heavy Metal Detecting, Relic News, and Detect America Live, Beyond Sight and Sound and is a regular contributor to the Global Detection Adventures podcast.

How to Participate

Are you a female metal detectorist? Would you like to have your video clip and/or photos of your finds featured in an upcoming episode of Girls Rock Metal Detecting? Drop Siren Kimmie a line via email at Girls Rock Metal Detecting or Facebook Messenger at Girls Rock Metal Detecting's Facebook page. Feel free to share your finds on the page while you're there! We'd love to include you!

Broken nails and dirty knees. You want relics? Look at these!

Girls Rock Metal Detecting is your one stop shop for females in the hobby of metal detecting, treasure hunting, coin shooting, coin roll hunting, civil war artifact recovery, digging for old coins, beach detecting, woods detecting, all forms of metal detecting.