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Armed with a Nokta Makro metal detector and a passion for history, Siren Kimmie shares her relic packed adventures via YouTube at Girls Rock Metal Detecting; where she offers her own special brand of metal detecting adventure films, easy to follow instructionals and guides, along with informative reviews, and the occasional VLOG.

In her not-so-subtle quest to show the world that girls ROCK metal detecting, Siren Kimmie has featured many lady diggers on her YouTube channel and offers a Facebook page dedicated to the same, (Girls Rock Metal Detecting"). Meanwhile, Girls Rock Metal Detecting and Heavy Metal Detecting have teamed up to bring you the rockinest, relicist, group of guys and gals in the hobby over at We Rock Metal Detecting.

Finally, be sure to check out Siren Kimmie's Blog, where she utilizes her background in journalism to bring forth random thoughts, musing, advice and a peek into her wonderful world of a metal detecting.

Siren Kimmie is part of the Nokta Makro field team. Her weapon of choice is the Nokta Makro Anfbio, but she's also been known to weild the new Nokta Makro Simplex+, along with the Pulsedive. She is a hobby detectorists who digs mostly in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Her preference is for Civil War relics and antique personal and historic items. The older the better!

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